Underfloor Bathroom Heating Advantages


Underfloor Bathroom HeatingThere are quite a few ways to heat your bathroom these days, and one of the best is underfloor Bathroom heating. This aspect of heating your bathroom is much better than the old radiator heaters.

Radiator heaters worked great in drying damp clothing, but when it comes to keeping your bathroom at a constant and even temperature, the radiator falls short. Your choice is either lukewarm or boiling hot heat. Most radiator heaters only heat up one section of the bathroom, too, which can be a problem.

Underfloor Bathroom Heating

The best thing about underfloor Bathroom heating is that you get a radiating heat coming from the floor reaching to just the height of your head.

This makes for less heat rising to the ceiling, causing your heating bill to rise with it. Essentially, the heating element is placed under the flooring; which can be almost any material such as wood, laminate, stone, tile, or even linoleum. The element under the floor produces heat that rises up and heats the entire bathroom uniformly.

The elements lying under the floor are either electric or water based. The water based elements pump hot water under the floor in small pipes. The electric elements are grounded and insulated wires placed in a grid fashion.

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These electric wires are specially designed to withstand a small amount of heat coming from them and this heat is released into the floor boards to rise up into the bathroom.

Tips Underfloor Bathroom Heating

With such efficiency in heating, it’s no wonder that these systems are becoming more popular in renovations and new houses that are being built. You’ll be pleased with the result of having this kind of heating in your bathroom.

If you have an underfloor Bathroom heating pad, it can be cut down to fit the exact size of the room you want it put in. They’re much easier to install than radiator heaters where you have to buy the right size and try to make it fit on one wall.

If you don’t have the space on one wall for a radiator heater you’re pretty much left out in the cold, where as a heating pad under the floor can be cut to the desired shape that you need to ensure your bathroom stays warm.