3 Shower tile Ideas You Never Thought Possible


Shower Tile Ideas

With the advent of many bathroom surfacing materials, you would think that tile would be relegated to the background. But no, tile is still the most preferred material by both home and commercial property owners alike.

Among the top reasons for its popularity lies in its durability and flexibility. No wonder a lot of bathroom designers use this ubiquitous material for their Shower tile Ideas.

Shower tile Ideas Give You Better Options with Unlimited Possibilities

Shower tile Ideas give you all the flexibility you need when designing your bathroom. And in case of breakage, you can simply replace the affected tile. No need to take down the whole wall. Here are some beautiful photos of Shower tile Ideas hat might inspire you.

#1: Use a different tile color for the shower floor

The all-black floor of the shower creates a stark contrast against a predominantly white background. You can use Shower tile Ideas like these to make a small bathroom look bigger than it actually is.

Shower tile Ideas

#2: Use two contrasting colors

Using two colors that are directly opposite to each other creates a dramatic effect. Aside from black and white, these Shower tile Ideas will also look good in colors like red and yellow, orange and green or any contrasting color combination.

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Shower tile Ideas

#3. Use a Unique Design

Yes, modern technology has enabled bathroom designers to create cool and beautiful 3D designs. These Shower tile Ideas are now getting more and more popular amongst homeowners who want a different look and feel for their private havens.


Ready to turn these Shower tile Ideas into reality?