Hotel Famous In Bandung Near Station


For those of you who have plans for a vacation to Bandung have you know whichever you want while in Bandung?

Purpose is what you must first define. Determine your destination and immediately decide on access to it to your destination. If it is closer to using the aircraft then use oesawat. However, if the plane is too expensive you can choose an alternative train or bus to take you to Bandung. yet now the bus or train is equally easy to go to Bandung. Especially now that there is a long-distance train convenient and easy to come to Bandung more quickly and easily.

There are now many hotels around the very Station

various interesting offers. So for you who come to Bandung by train, you can directly choose a hotel that will make your rest.

List of hotels near Bandung station

If you are still confused about which hotels you can make a place to rest. Here we have a list of some hotels near the recommended stations for you to try.

1. Hotel Bobobox Indonesia

One of the new hotels in Bandung directly became the icon of bandung city, the hotel bobobox Indonesia. This hotel is not an ordinary hotel, but a capsule type hotel offers a concept room called pods.

Hotel Bobobox This is suitable for you who love traveling and backpacker, also suitable for you who often travel out of town. Hotel Bobobox Indonesia is located in a very strategic area at Pasir Kaliki Street No.76 A, Pasir Kaliki, Bandung City.

In addition to being in a strategic area, the Hotel is fully integrated with pods (rooms). You can access your room with a Smartphone called Bobobox’s smart key access. Not only that, you can also adjust the lighting, color lights, air conditioner, bluetooth audio just in your hand.

2. Cassadua Hotel

Location Cassadua Hotel fairly strategic, located on the street Cassa No.2, Pasteur. You could say this hotel is very strategic because it is close to the station, and also close to Husein Sastranegara Airport. The most interesting again this hotel is close to the shopping center in Bandung, namely Paris Van Java.
Cassadua Hotel offers a variety of exciting facilities such as air conditioning, internet connection, bathroom, and TV and other supporting facilities. The hotel is not only convenient, but also has a very affordable price.

3. Unieque Guest House

Another hotel that also has strategic temoat is Unique Guest House. The hotel is located on Jalan Ences Ajis 34, Gardu Jati, Pasir Kaliki. Strategically this hotel, besides near the train station is also close to Pasar Baru. The atmosphere is very homey or like your own home, Guests who usually stay here can be at home.
Attractive facilities from Unique Guest Housyakni have free Wi-Fi access and free parking. The jam, the hotel also has complete room facilities, from wardrobe, bed and flat-screen TV. There is also a shuttle service at an additional cost. So, you do not have to worry if you have not got a pickup.

4. Setra Priangan Guest House

One more hotel that you can look for after getting off the Setra Priangan Guest House train on Setra Indah Utara II No.17 road. very strategic location close to the station. In addition, from Setra Priangan Guest House, we can access various shopping centers in Bandung such as Cihampelas Walk, Setrasari Plaza, Bandung Trade Center and Paris Van Java Mall. If you need a shuttle, then you can contact us. Facilities from Setra Priangan Guest House are very much like Wi-Fi which includes rooms, air conditioning, flat-screen TV and writing desk. In addition, in this hotel also available a copy that you can use

5. New Market Roller Pillow

The name of this one hotel is unique. If you do not know then it can be mistaken this hotel is sold in a bolster seat. This hotel is located on Ence Azis Road no. 32. Its location is also very strategic, easy to reach by private vehicle and public transportation. From the hotel it also beautifies you for shopping or dining. In particular, the hotel is only a 15-minute drive from Paris Van Java Mall.
With a very affordable tariff, you can enjoy a variety of existing facilities in New Market Guling Pillow. Each room has a TV, air conditioning and a clean and comfortable bathroom.

6. Amellia Pateur Hotel

Amellia Pasteur Hotel is located on Cibogo Street no. 81, Pasteur. The hotel has a very complete Hotel Facilities. You can stay at the Amellia Pasteur Hotel. Every guest who comes can enjoy Wi-Fi, and enjoy the various interesting menu in the hotel restaurant.
The hotel also has a very strategic location. Amellia Pasteur Hotel is very close to shopping centers, restaurants and Paris Van Java Mall, Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, and Kartika Sari. The hotel is also located in an area close to famous tourist attractions such as Bandung Zoo, Monument to Struggle, Museum of Geology, and Gedung Sate.

7. Venice Guest House Bandung

For those of you who want to stay at a lodging with a comfortable lodging atmosphere, Venice Guest House Bandung is the right solution for you. The hotel is located at Jalan Kebon Sirih, No.6, Venice Guesthouse Bandung. Its location is adjacent to the famous shopping center such as Bandung Indah Plaza and Paris Van Java Mall.
Each room is equipped with air conditioning and flat-screen TV, as well as free Wi-Fi in public areas. For food you can enjoy in the hotel restaurant.