What are the Best Bathroom Window Treatments?


The best Bathroom Window Treatments are those which can give you all the privacy you need without blocking natural light and affecting the beauty of your bathroom.

If you have been searching for the right Bathroom Window Treatments for your private space, then, you came to the right place. We have some tips and photos to help you out.

4 Beautiful and Functional Bathroom Window Treatments

Four of the most beautiful and functional Bathroom Window Treatments nowadays are: shutters, blinds, window films and glass blocks. Here they are:


Interior shutters like the one shown below allow light to pass through their spaces as well as through the upper, uncovered part of the window.

This is on of the best Bathroom Window Treatments for small bathrooms with huge windows. Shutters are available in many designs and colors. Choose one that will best fit your area.

Bathroom Window Treatments


On the other hand, window blinds are among the Bathroom Window Treatments that can provide you with the most coverage and the option to adjust the light that passes through their spaces.

You can choose from Roman, Venetian, vertical or roller blinds in different colors and designs depending upon your needs and preferences. These Bathroom Window Treatments are cheap and easy to install as well.

Bathroom Window Treatments

Window films

Another cheap but functional Bathroom Window Treatments are window films. They are just like huge window stickers that you can attach to your bathroom window.

They are so easy to install that you can practically do it yourself.

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Bathroom Window Treatments

Glass blocks

If you want beautiful but strong and longer-lasting Bathroom Window Treatments, your best bet would be glass blocks.

These windows are made from tempered glass that can obscure the view without blocking natural light. You can chose different colors or hang beautiful curtains to break the monotony and enhance their beauty as well.

Bathroom Window Treatments


Always remember that the best Bathroom Window Treatments must improve the aesthetics as well as keep your bathroom private without blocking natural light.