Awesome Bathroom Wall Art for Your Toddler


Does bath time prove to be a hard time for your toddler? Does he do anything just to avoid taking a bath? Why don’t you spruce up his area with a bathroom wall art? He’ll surely love every minute of staying in there and even give his smiling consent to clean him up.

Bathroom Wall Art: A Beautiful Way to Lure Your Toddler into the Water For Your Little Gentleman

Your toddler is in a stage called “Terrible Twos”. As such, he can make your life really miserable if you don’t think of ways to make him do as you wish- that includes luring him into the water to give him a nice, refreshing bath. Why not simulate a beach scene like the bathroom wall art below? Add his fave rubber toy and tell him pirate stories. He’ll be so engrossed that he’d never realize that you are already giving him a bath!

Bathroom Wall Art

And while you’re at it, you might like to add wall decals of dolphins, too. What kid doesn’t love these cute creatures, anyway? Make dolphin sounds, tell dolphin stories or poems once he gets tired of the beach scene.

Bathroom Wall Art

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For Your Young Miss

How about telling your beautiful young lady about her fave cartoon characters? You’ll never run out of ideas because kids at this age bracket want you to tell the same stories over and over. Your little miss will certainly delight about how your make-up stories about how Snow White, Cinderella, Belle and other cartoon princesses took a bath. Well, you’ve got to have more patience as she will demand to hear more.

Bathroom Wall Art

These are just some of the bathroom wall art ideas that you can use to make your toddler love bath time.

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